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I was walking through the aisles of the Christian Living section in a local bookstore. I saw so many different titles scream out to me speaking with an emotion that caused me to want to pick them up immediately and start learning the valuable lessons each one had to offer. As I stood there almost paralyzed with indecision, an even greater thought came to mind:

My story is not this great.

I glazed over the aisle, seeing books by many people who have overcome different obstacles, whether physical or emotional issues. They seem fulfilled and driven, having understood their place in the world and gained a 360-degree perspective of life and the bigger picture.

Then there’s me…

Here I am trying to learn from them, wondering how they gained such a gift as to have the vision they have. As I kept looking, I got the overwhelming feeling of defeat and simply wanted to walk away from the aisle and just grab a coloring book. Each of these books are great stories of how God showed himself in a mighty way to these normal individuals; and I have great respect for how they have honored him through their words. As I was reflecting on my feelings of insignificance and irrelevance, it dawned on me that I had forgotten about some crucial truths about all of us who feel like we will never have lives similar to the ones we see on bookstore shelves.

We have a life worth writing about. Each of the stories in the Bible consists of individuals from every background. Most of them are not from some great royal lineage. They are stories of broken people who came from broken families, many who were rejected by their own loved ones. They went on to lead nations, free people and change the world. Our lives may have started in a similar way. We need to move from our past, not letting it define our future but instead allow our next chapter to become the antithesis of where we started.

Our life is valuable, but not because of us. We forget that as children of God there was a point when we accepted Christ as our savior that we traded our death for His life. He bought us with a price (1 Corinthians 6:20) and we have the Spirit of the living God inside us. Our value is not based on what we can do but instead on whose we are. Therefore our story is valuable because it is not our story anymore, it is Gods story. He put a new purpose in who we are the minute we came to life in Jesus. Our part in the story is a small piece of a much larger picture. So each step we take is no longer our step, it is God’s.

We have victory on our side already. The life we live is now set with victory in sight. We know who will win. We know how the story ends and who gets defeated. The battle we face now is a matter of keeping the right perspective. The book we write is for those around us and is being read every day. We have the choice to live like our story doesn’t matter, or accept the reality our story is being read every day by those around us.

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  1. Sammy

    “We have the choice to live like our story doesn’t matter, or accept the reality our story is being read every day by those around us”. That is a powerful statement.

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