Darkness is not dark to You.

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I just had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in upstate New York and it was a gift to my spirit. We took a lot of day trips to the mountains, some nearby trails and lakes and enjoyed some good New York cuisine. These trips were great and refreshing, but there was another element that I loved on our journeys. As we drove up the narrow winding roads, the beauty of the trees captured me. I loved moving in and out of the large oaks, maples and pines. They shot up towards the sky and covered over the roads. We would move in and out of light as we drove by them, flashing bright light to cold darkness each second. God spoke through this to me in a powerful way.

As I drove, there were periods when the light was overwhelming and all-consuming in the car. We felt the heat and had to squint to see what was in front of us. God can be like this with me a lot. There are days, weeks and months where it feels like God is all over what I am doing and where I am. It’s like He has a megaphone on 10, directing my every move, cheering me on, helping me take the next step. Those are good times – overwhelming at some points, leaving me with the feeling that I can’t lose.

Then there are those times when we would drive up mountains and come to points where the car was engulfed in shadow. Immediately it was cooler and refreshing in its own way, but it made the light only brighter when we experienced its heat again.

Those dark times happen too and they can come out of nowhere. The shadow seems to consume our life and it just gets darker. God’s voice seems distant as if not there at all. He Himself feels cold and gone and uninvolved in our dark times. Loneliness seems to be our best and only friend.

I can assure you this is a lie.

We have a God who has numbered all of our days according to Psalm 139. In fact verse 12 says that darkness is not dark to Him. He is in the dark as much as the light. He purposed the dark to show us that we can trust Him.

God’s Truth supersedes emotion –

Our fears about the situation will try to dictate our response. At those points, we need to remember we have a God who sees all, knows all and is intimately involved in every step we take. Regardless of how long or short our times of darkness may be, we need to remember there will be light again and each step we have a God who will not leave us or forsake us.

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