We desire to walk along side you and your church in our brokenness and engage every believer where they are at on their spiritual journey. Our goal is to help all those who hear the message of the Gospel realize that God loves them and desires to use them where they are as they grow closer to Him.


We hope that the message of how influential and important each person is to Gods story affects all those who hear this truth. Our goal is to bring to light truths of who each believer is to God and how he has equipped them with specific gifts and abilities for his purposes. This starts by giving a “horizon line” for people to set their eyes on, a goal for a legacy. By acknowledging that all will leave a legacy and then challenging the listeners by asking what kind of legacy they want to leave for their families and future. This breaks down for each age group.

Teens 6- 12th grade

Helping them see they have value now by many examples in scripture of those who, at a young age saw their value in Gods plan. Helping them to begin to acknowledge how God wants to use them and the gifts he has given them. Also acknowledging the brokenness they face in their day to day and giving them practical tips to rise above the current situations they do life in ( i.e. school, broken homes, peer pressures and media based influences). We would share our story of brokenness at their age and help encourage them to realize that their choices have power and their lives have influence now for their future. This can be done through stories as well as relevant movie clips indicating their value and greater purpose.

College age / young adults

Begin to ask the question about their desire for the Lord and where they see themselves in relation to Him. The question of what the next step is in their journey by asking questions like “Who do you want to become?” not simply “what do you want to do?”. By giving them a drive to a Christ centered legacy and helping them continue to their journey with God by giving them a focus of where they want to go. This can be done through small group participation and question answer time with the speaker.

Adults / Parents

Help these individuals see the value of the short time they have with their children and the power they have to influence them during this period. We would talk about how to move from the regrets of past brokenness and begin to accept the truth about who they are in the eyes of the Father. We can help give practical ways to help parents engage their children in the day by day and show them how important their relationship with God matters to the lives of their children. Our desire to to help parents see the bigger picture God has for their family and help them cast a vision for where they want their family to be in the coming years.