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Known Legacy Podcast – Interview Sessions – Joe Russo

Our Guest today is Joe Russo – He is one of Bill’s heroes!  He is an incredible example of coming from a broken legacy and allowing God to change where we are from and create something only He could.  He shares his journey of healing and going “all 15 rounds” in our life.  He gives wisdom for soon to be married men and those who have been married for decades. 

Bonus Podcast!!! Creating a Culture in Your Family

We’ve broken protocol and decided to give you two podcasts this week!  You can check out the video on our Facebook page –  – 

We are talking about creating a culture in your family and the importance of having that culture as it impacts the world around you.  And were talking about Chic Fil A,  and that’s never a bad idea…

Known Legacy Podcast – Question / Answer Episode

Today we are answering your questions! You ask em’ we try and answer em’.  Some of the topics include:

Plumbing issues

Being on the same page as your wife

When and how to share past mistakes with your kids

What to do if you were abused as a kid by a church leader/ member

When is it a test from God or a temptation from satan?

Known Legacy Podcast – The Interview Sessions – Trent Monk

This week we are talking to Trent Monk from We Are The  He shares his story of how to balance living the dream that God gave him and being the leader of his family.  He shares his wisdom in maintaining a clear unified direction with his wife and what he does before Netflix starts…

Known Legacy Podcast – The Interview Sessions – Brian

Today you get the chance to meet Brian, a man who suffered great loss as a child but continued to move forward.  He shares his wisdom of how to raise children through this brokenness and how we can make changes now to impact the legacy we leave behind, how to father through the “void” and encouragement for the future. 

Known Legacy Podcast – The Interview Sessions – Billy

Today’s interview is with Billy Newell, who has dealt with some extreme loss this year.  He shares how he grieved individually and as a family, some tangible steps of how to walk through grief and how you can help others move through their grief. 

Known Legacy Podcast – The Interview Sessions – DJ Overflow

Powerful interview featuring DJ Overflow as he shares his story of being a Pastors kid, his battle with addiction and the way he was rescued by the Father as he experience redemption through Jesus.

Father’s Day Special – Interview Sessions – Melvin Adams

A special father’s day issue featuring former Harlem Globetrotter Melvin Adams.  It’s funny, raw and real.  It speaks to the heart of men and father’s alike. Happy father’s day!